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Go create some niches fool!
What to do.
This site allows you to find your niche on Reddit.
Once defined, you can automate your contributions to Reddit.
First, read Reddit's self-promotion rules
Be sure to only post 10% or less of your own posts/links
Be a good community member, and add value. Don't just promote.
Start on the Search Section
Step 1. Create a niche
Step 2. Search for subreddits
Step 3. Thumbs up subreddits to add to your niche.
Step 4. Continue to search/add subreddits to define your niche.
Move to Distribution
Step 5. Review your niches, subreddits, and all posting rules.
Step 6. Choose an originating subreddit.
Step 7. Schedule your posts, and deploy!
Come back anytime and see how your posts are doing on each subreddit.
Keep your top engaging subreddits, delete the ones that aren't working
Add new subs and keep deploying!